World Youth Day Madrid 2011

Dear All,

Well, as everyone must  have heard, the World Youth Day is going to be celebrated in Madrid beginning on Tuesday, 16 August, which is tomorrow. Should you be interested in knowing what is going on, you may wish to click on the link below:
or if you’re not able to connect, just copy and paste.
I believe this is a very interesting information for those who cannot make it to Madrid. I am sort of “privileged” because I live in Madrid. But since I am no longer a youth, my “participation” is more or less a sideline attendance. I will have the chance to watch the whole event live on TV and tell you more about it in my coming blog.

For those Filipinos who live in other countries and have accidentally “found” my blog, I would likewise invite you to give your comments, experiences in the country where you live and exchange ideas with other Filipinos around the world. If you need some information about Spain, or particularly about Madrid, and if you happen to plan out a visit to Madrid, please let me know and I shall be more than happy to tell you what to find and what to expect in Madrid. Food is great here and wouldn’t you want to visit the places where our National hero Josè Rizal, used to hang around during his visit to Madrid?  We even have a replica of the Rizal Monument, which is located at the Avenida de Filipinas, a street named after the Philippines. And his Noli Me Tangere, which is all about the Spanish regime in the Philippines, has finally been shown to the view of the Spanish people. History is now telling them something else about the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Well, this is just a piece of history.
Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a great day and please keep on visiting my blog because I will have a lot more to tell you about.

Regards to all…cheers….

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