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I read  this  news  item  on  Manila Bulletin  on-line publication  dated  21 August 2011,   and  I was  completely  flabbergasted  by  the  report which stated that  “lawmakers  dispute  over  the  corruption survey  results”.   So  I said  to myself,  is  this  another  sort  of  a  political  shenanigan?    Could  be  or  could  be not.  But  I  saw  that  the   agency  that  conducted  the  survey  Philippine Public Transparency Reporting Project (PPTRP) has been funded by the United States Agency for International Development and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative.  Then  I  thought  the project  could  be credible  and legitimate.   But  just  as  well,  I  am displeased by  how  the  survey  was  conducted.  

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I’ve  limited  myself  to  3  points  because  I don´t want  to indulge much on  a subject  that I can’t  do anything about  anyway.  I don´t  wish  that my  efforts   be  an exercise in futility,  well,  regrettably  it is  now.  Anyway,  here goes:

 1. House  Majority  Leader  and Mandaluyong City  Representative  Neptali  Gonzalez  (still in  Congress!??!!,  how  many  years  now!) branded  the  survey  as  “misleading”  and  saying  that  the majority of the respondents do not understand  how Congress  works.  My point:  Since  when  had  Congress  made  people understand  what  it has  been doing?  Has it  ever  explained  about  the “pork barrel”, that  members of the  government,  Senators and  Congressmen  enjoy spending  without  having to justify  where  and how the money  was  spent?  The  Filipino people  NEVER  UNDERSTOOD  what  Congress  is  doing  because it  is  ALWAYS  MISLEADING people on the  actual  issues  of  the  country. And  a survey  report  that  questions   its  “supposed”  INTEGRITY is not  a WELCOME  form  of  check and balance  insofar  as  Congress is concerned.

2.  The  survey  had  176  respondents  among them  students, activists, civil servants, lawyers, journalists, accountants and professionals from major cities and provinces nationwide. It  was  conducted on-line  from June to August.   My point: The present Philippine population is a whooping  101.000.000,  yes one hundred one  million  over!! Please  see:

 Active  population is over  25.000.000 million.   So  what is 176 respondents?  It’s a measly 0.000704% of the population.   Internet  traffic in the Philippines  is  over  8.000.000  users per  hour  according  to  a March 2007  report.   So how  come  they  were  only  able  to interview 176 respondents  from the  EIGHT MILLION  or  so  internet  users?  And  by  simple deduction  it also  means  that from the  176  respondents,  there  were  only 25.14 respondents from each of the sectors  mentioned  who answered  the  survey  while it  was  supposed  to be nationwide!   And  for the  3 months  period,  176??!!??

3.  Neptali Gonzalez  said: “I think that respondents surveyed fail to understand the role of Congress in the fight against corruption. While we can investigate, it is always in aid of legislation and while we can recommend the filing of criminal and/or administrative complaint against any official as a result of such investigation, at the end of the day, it’s the investigative and prosecutorial arm of the government that is tasked to prove it and for the judiciary to decide on it,”.  My  argument: Who  would ever in his  clear  mind  incriminate  himself?  And this is what is going  on,  Congress itself  wouldn’t  go  against  itself?  I am not saying that  all  the Congressmen are corrupt,  but,  some of them  are…  and  some of them are  influenced…  and some  of them  are  beginning to learn the “tricks of the trade”.. so who’s  talking to whom  and  what? What about the investigation?  It’s  been going on for  years, and years and years  and until now,  and  what? Has anybody  been prosecuted already? Has any politician  been exposed?  So what is new here?.

 Just  a concluding issue,  do the Filipinos  know  that  the 2012 national budget  of the  Philippines amounts to 1.8  TRILLION  PESOS,  which is 10.4 percent  higher  that  the  2011 national budget. That  is  a  HUGE   amount  of  money! It means the Philippines  is not  a  “poor”  country after all!.   I  recall what  one American politician said while  in a  visit  to the Philippines: “the Philippines  is a rich country  that is  being made poor  by  its politicians”…

 Please draw your own conclusions. 

 Magandang  araw  po sa inyong lahat..  Eric

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