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Do you consider  the  country  you  have  settled into right  now as your  “best  destination”?  The   connotation of   “best  destination” had  always  been  related  to  tourism.  But  insofar  as  Filipinos  are  concerned,   best  destination is  more about  “somewhere  to  have  a better  work  opportunity”.    Even  before  this  phrase  came  to light,  Filipinos  have  unconsciously  been “conscious”  of  the  phrase  “best  destination”.   While  best   destination  in tourism  is  about  visiting  a   place  for  purposes  of   travel,  sightseeing,  learning about the  people  and  foods  or  in general  for  pleasure;    the  best  destination  to work  does not depend  on  any  of  those   I  have  mentioned,   but  what  country  could   be  an  easy  destination to  embark  to  find  a  job  and  work.   From  time  immemorial,   Filipinos  had  found  themselves  migrating  to various  countries in the world  to find  a  better  future.  They´ve  gone to a  country  where  possibilities  of   improving  life  standard  is  achievable.    They  have  left  the  Philippines to  venture  in  a    country  that  could  at  least  guarantee   financial  stability;   a  place  that  could  provide  hope  and  attain  happiness,   acquire wealth  and abundance.  

The   clear  “best  destination”  for  Filipinos  had  always   been the United States  of  America.  The  US  is  “crème  de la crème”  to  any   Filipino  or  the  most  “visible”  but  elusive  target   to  “hit”  and  dwell  into  lest  “legally”,  otherwise  suffer  negative  consequence.  The  States,  as  it  is  fondly  referred  to,  had  always  been the best  destination for  any nationality  seeking   adventure,   opportunity,  wealth,   job,  and  exaggeratingly putting  it, “the greenest  of the  greener pasture”.  So  goes  the  expression  to  seek  “greener pasture”,    coined    from  the  US  dollar, (the most appreciated  currency in the whole  world),  because  of  its  green  colour.  Those  who fail  to  reach  that  destination after  exhausting  all possibilities,    have ended up in  an   alternative  country,  which  eventually  on  becomes  that   persons´   “best  destination”.   To   a   Filipino  however,  any    country  abroad  could  be  a  “best  destination”.    The point  is,  as long  as  that  country  could  likewise  serve  as  a source  of  “pasture”  it  doesn´t  have  to  be  “greener”,   but as  long  as  the  possibility  of  earning  an  income  to  be  sent   home  to the Philippines  is  present,  the Filipino  would  go for  it.   For  Filipinos,  the  choice  of  the  “best  destination”  is  not  a  matter of  pleasure,  but  a  question of  survival. 

 Have   a  wonderful  Sunday….. thanks  to all…Eric

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  1. Whether or not it’s the best destination, a lot of Filipinos still struggle to find the greener pasture. It’s sad that sometimes, when they are at their “best destination” their field of expertise or education is very seldom recognized or acknowledged reason why some professionals end up doing blue collar jobs just to fend for their families back home.


  2. You said it right. And a lot of Filipinos are sacrificing their “necks” to keep afloat their families and consequently the Philippines from the state of further poverty.
    Thanks for your comments.


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