Plight of the Filipinos

Filipinos  are  one  of the  most  sought-after  workers  around  the  world.  And  the  reasons  are simple  –  they’re hardworking,  efficient,   clean,  orderly,  with  ample  educational  background,  respectful,  and  other  character  adjectives.  There  is  one  “outstanding  quality”   which perhaps  “differentiates” Filipinos from other nationalities, their  being “patient” on  given situations.   But  watch out,   not  everybody  possess  these  qualities  mentioned.  There  is a  saying  which goes  more  or  less like this: “in  a  bag of  apples,  there  is  always  a  rotten  one”.  It  holds  true  to any  nationality and  the Filipino  is no exception.

According to the  Commission on Filipinos Overseas  which is under the  Office  of the President,  in  its  global mapping  of  overseas  Filipinos  emigrants as  of  2010,  the  top  10  countries of  destination of Filipinos  are:

USA  – 1,165,352

Canada– 284,663

Japan– 116, 748

Australia-  109,668

Italy– 17,085

New Zealand– 13,333

Germany– 12,585

United Kingdom– 10,241

Spain– 8,755

South Korea-  7,773 

Total  1,773,045

 To confirm veracity  of  these  figures,  please  visit  below  link:

 Surely, these  numbers  are  not  exact,  because you and I  are conscious of the fact  that   Filipino  “illegals” abroad  may  even  be  larger than the official figures show,  and have  not been included.   But  the issue  here is not the  number of  Filipino emigrants,   the  issue  here  is  “why   do  Filipinos  continue  to  seek opportunities  outside the Philippines?”.    The  answer is  simple:  they need money!.   And  the  truth of the  matter  is,  jobs  back home are  not  good  enough to  sustain the  needs  of the  population.  Opportunities  are  far less in   number from  those  demanding  to work  – and the immediate  consequence is to seek better chances –  and  they  are  outside  the  country.   My  mind has been  provoked  by  the  thought  that a Filipinos’  consciousness from  birth has  already   began  a virtual journey   beyond  the person’s   environment,  as “steps”  have began to be  taken  towards   conquering  foreign  frontiers.    

A  lot  of Filipino professionals  land  on  occupations  way off  from  their  qualifications.   Most have  ended up  in  households,  a few lucky ones were at least able  to  find their  career  “usable”,  while some have  been taken in “white collar” employments.

The  trend  will remain the  same,  Filipinos will continue  to  emigrate at  whatever  cost  it  takes   in  “search  of  the  greener pasture”,  even  if  the  pasture  they  expect to  find  is no longer as green  and  it  once  used to  be. 

To  be continued…..Eric


You might  be  interested  in  taking   a look  at  the  link  below which concerns  the  Filipinos  abroad.   There is   a  bunch  of  useful  information that  could  be  learned from  the  Commission  on Filipinos  Overseas  website.   Information that  do not  usually  reach  Filipino  expats   but  are  worthy  of  attention.


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  1. This is a true situation. I’m certain that I, as well as your other readers, find your blog very useful and informative. It’s nice to keep abreast of what’s actually happening to most Filipinos especially abroad. I just hope that some people will be touched by some of your previous blogs and act upon what is right and put aside personal ulterior motives. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. God bless you1


  2. Thanks a lot. Indeed Filipinos abroad are the “un-sung heroes” of our country. Being in a foreign country is not always a “bed of roses”. The “west” has a lot to offer but there is also a lot to “suffer”.


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