The World Without Pinoy’s?

Statistics  have  shown that  there  are  about  11 million Filipinos scattered  around the globe.   As  I mentioned in my  last  write-up, in every nook and corner,  even in the  smallest  island  and  the  remotest  area in the world,  a  Pinoy  is present.   And   I think that  Filipinos  are  giving much for the development of the world  and unfortunately, a very little portion  of  that development is  left in the  Philippines.

Travel  around the United States  of America,  to Europe,  to  Africa,  and in other  countries   and you will find  Pinoys  in almost all types of professions.   We are everywhere!.   Filipino  descendants  contribute  their  talents  in Hollywood,  Rob Schneider  is one of them,   Phoebe Cates,  and others;    in Wrestling,  David  Batista…we  can actually  name  a  lot.  But  it is not  only  in entertainment that we excel,  in the academe, in science,  technology,  Eduardo San Juan worked on the team that invented the Lunar Rover or Moon BuggyRoberto Del Rosario was the inventor of the Karaoke Sing Along System.  They  are just  a few  among  the thousands.

Lots  of Filipinos work  as   nurses,  because  they  care  more  for the  sick  and the helpless.  Because  they  clean  better  and  much  orderly  than  some  others.   Nursing  is a  job  that   requires  a lot  of  patience, dedication, hard work,  attention,   and  most  of all  a feeling  of concern  for  the lives  of  people –  for  the  human  being.    

Filipino seafarers (over 400,000  around the world)  are  among  those that  many  ships  from  various  countries   hire  most,  because  of the Pinoy’s efficiency  at  work.. we  complain  less or  we do  not complain  at  all  to what  is  ordered  us  to do.    Filipinos  work  in  restaurants,  in houses,  in  gasoline  stations,  at  homes for  the aged,  as  dishwashers,  as  bus  boys,   as  car  dealers,   as teachers,   as  nannies,  as accountants,   so  many  other  work…. most  however, are  manual  work.    But  we  are  good at anything – manual  or  intellectual  type  of  jobs  where  a  lot  of  Filipinos  have  likewise  landed  themselves into.    Filipinos  are  gifted  with the ability   to survive  in any  given  situation,  whether   in the coldness of the winter  or in the heat  of the summer.  We  can  communicate  to  people  with  ease because  we speak the  universal  language,  and  if need  be,  we   endeavor  to  learn  the language of the country where we  find ourselves  in,   to facilitate  easy  communication,  which  is done  not  for  our  own  sake  but  for  the  sake  of  the  people  in the  country  we  want  to  be accepted  in.    

What  makes  a Pinoy   “click”  is  his  outlook in life.  We  profess  simple  standard  of  living. Definitely,   if  given the chance  to be  rich, why not…who doesn’t  want  to be  rich  anyway.  

What  I wish to drive  at  now  is  that,  we take  part  in the  development  of  “other worlds”,   and  “almost  neglecting”  our  own.   This  author  is   by all means  not  an  exception to  being  “neglectful”  of  our  country’s  own development and progress.  However,  like  everybody  else,   it  is  more  a question of  necessity  and  survival.   It  is more  a  question  of  giving  meaning to one’s  own  life  and to  provide  his/her  family  with  some amount  of  that  “meaning”   he/she  would experience.   It  is also a  question of  providing hope  for  him/herself  to his/her kins  because little  or none at all could be found  at “home”.   

We’ve  got  only  one  life  to  live  and  we  have  to  choose what  we  want  out  of  it.   And  like everybody  else,   we  do not  wish to dump  our   lives  into the drain,   because  what  we  do wish,  is   to   make  out  what  is  really   best  for  it.     

This  is  what  the Pinoy  in  this  world  is all about.   The  world  needs  a pinoy  in  hospitals,   in the  sea,   in  houses,  in   classrooms,  in real  estate,  in hotels,  in restaurants,  in the  kitchen,   in the  offices,  in  entertainment,  in technology,   in science…in   etc… We  are proud  to be  a Pinoy.  What  could  the world  be  without  a Pinoy?

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