“Make the most of your life”

Giving  your  life  a  glimpse ahead and putting  it  fast forward,  will show a  “death-end”. Nope,  not the  dead-end  of  a  road,  but  “death-end”.    Death  is  a subject  matter  complicated  to  discuss  about,  knowing that  some  people  have  a  sensitive  view  about  it.  Some wouldn’t  even  want  to  “hear”  anything that concerns  about  “leaving  the  physical  world”  and going “somewhere”  no  one knows  “where”.   But   like   the  sun  that  rises  from the east  and  sets  in  the west,   death  has  to be  accepted  as  a  reality  in our worldly  existence.   It  is undeniably the  eventual  destiny  of man.  It  can’t  be  ignored.   It  should  be  accepted  as  much  as  difficulties  in life   should  be  faced  with sheer  naturalness.   So  what   is  wrong with  death?   It  sounds  pitiful  after  having  done  much in this  world,  but,  all  living things  shall encounter  their  end,  sooner or  later.   Life  shall  perish   at the ends of time.   Morbid, isn’t  it?  But  why  should   we talk  about  the “end”,  the “final”,  but  why not? Definitely  there is  a  reason  why  I am writing  about  “life  and  death”.  It’s  HALLOWEEN!..


Seriously  speaking  now,  death is the worst  enemy of  man  at least  some  do  consider  it  as  being such.  But  who can  avoid  it?  No  one  is immortal, unless of  course  you go  to the  “dark side”.   However,  the  existence of  that  “dark side”  has yet to be proven,   and  I  doubt  whether it can be proven  at  all.   Let’s forget  about  the  “negative”  and  move on to something  “positive”. 

Okay,  let’s  hold  our  horses about  the  subject  matter  and  return  to our  senses.   We’ve  read  a lot of  stories  about  adventures  of  men.   The  Internet  and  libraries  are  full of  information    about  men  having accomplished  a lot of things,  important  discoveries,  achievements  that  have  turned  the  fate of this  world   to  good  and  bad.   Men and women  who  were  admired,  praised,  exalted,  who  reached  greatness  in their  lives.   But  despite  the  greatness  in  some  men,  they  had  also  been  hated,  scorned,   abhorred and  other  descriptive  but  negative adjectives.   

The title  of this  write-up  is  “make your life  the  most” is  what  I  really wish to focus  on.   A lot  of people would say,  you’ve  only one  life  to live  so make the most  out of  it.     Indeed  we  have  to enjoy  our  life  while  we can  because we  are  only  given  one  opportunity to live  in this  world, unless   you  believe in reincarnation,  but  that  is  another  point  to discuss  and  it  is not  what  I  wish to convey  right  now.

Precisely,  not  everybody  has  the  same  opportunity  as the  others.  Each  individual  can  draw  his  own  destiny and  a person  could  either  be  successful  or  unsuccessful  in his  quest  for  glory  and   success.  There are  cases  wherein  no matter  how  much an individual  tries,  it  seems that  failure  is  his destiny,  while  some  had already  met  success  at  an early  age,   because  the  parents  have  already  built  a  fortune  for the  children  to enjoy   a  better future.   So,  not  everybody  obtain the  same  fate…one  can end  up  a loser,  another  could  end up a  winner. Nevertheless, making  the most  of your life depends  on the individual. 

I wish  to quote a  saying of  Appio  Claudio “the blind” (340 –273 A.C.) who was one  of the first  political  figures in the Roman  Republic,  when he  said:  “faber est suae quisque fortunae”,   in Spanish  “Cada uno es artífice de su propio destino”  or  in English,  “Each  individual  is the architect of his own  destiny”.    And  some  anonymous  adages  about  life: 

           “The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it”;

And  another:

“Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep”.

Indeed,   each person  has  all the opportunities in this  world  to enjoy.  The  sacrifices  you  confront  are  compensated, the  struggles  you  face will  soon find  comfort,  the  life  you live  will be  worth  it.  Make  the most  of what  you have  in life,  because  the  chance to live  “only happens once  in  a lifetime”.    

I’ve  nothing more to add…Eric

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