Philippine Politics’ “pork barrel”

philippines_people_icon_2561.gifThe  “hottest”  news  these days in the Philippines  is about the  so-called  “pork  barrel”  that  members  of the  Senate  and  Congress  enjoy.  If  you  wish  to  know  more about  it,  please  click  on  the  phrase.  The  term  has  actually  a  long  history  under  it,  and  it  is  not  in reality an  exclusive  Philippine  politics  “invented”  name  but,  it  actually  originated in the US of  A (where else)  and  has  traveled  to other  countries including the  UKAustralia, in  Central and  Eastern  Europe,  the  Scandinavian countries  and  German  speaking  countries.  So,  it  is more or  less wide-spread  privilege  among  politicians  in  various  countries.  However,  the  worst  case  scenario  is  in  the  Philippines!,  where-else.  Let me  qualify  that  “where-else”  I used,  both  for  the  US  and the  Philippines.   Insofar  as  the US  is concerned,  there  had  been changes  made and  the  matter  has  become  more  legalized  in  a sense, since now,  the  US has  what  is called now  the  US Senate Committee on Appropriations  that  takes  control  of  the  expenditures  of  the  senate  and congress  members. The  good point  about  it  is that,  control is already  existing  and  being  exercised.   It  doesn’t  sound  now  as  being “money to be pocketed  by  the politicians”.  

In  the  Philippine  scenario,  it  remains  to  be  more  “illegally-legalized”  because  the members of the Philippine Senate and Congress need not  justify  expenditures  made  with  the  use of the “pork  barrel”.   We can in fact  see the  obvious effects  of  this “pork  barrel”  money.    Note that the  majority  of the  Senate  and Congress  members  do  really  look-like  themselves  “pork”  as they are  getting fatter  and  fatter  as  their  days  in  politics  continue.  We  have  therefore a  more  physical  manifestation  of  the “pork  barrel” in the Philippine Senate  and Congress.   They  could  not  deny  therefore  that  they  are  really  and  relentlessly  “enjoying”  the  “pork”  they  “eat”  and “feed”  their  bellies and pockets  with.

So what  is going  on now?   There  are  a  lot  of  things going on  in  Philippine politics now because of the “pork barrel”.  The attention  is so much  to  it  that  the Senate  and Congress are  neglecting  the more important  issues  such  as  education,  employment,  the growing population,  social  related  problems,  etc.   All these  things  could  be  resolved  if  the  pork  barrel  will  just  be  spent in accordance  to the  needs of the  Filipinos.   But,  it  is the entire  contrary what  is  happening  and  everybody  remains  skeptical  about  the  real intentions  of  the  lawmakers  to  abolish  the  “pork barrel”.    For  ages,  there  had  been  intentions  to  rid  of that  “privilege”  and  so  far,  it  has  only  turned to  be  a  “theatrical  show”  of  the politicians.   There shall be  no  “honest-to-goodness”  intentions,  while  the Philippines  remain  to be  run  by  traditional  politicians  who   despite  already  looking  like  “zombies“,  (some of them  do) stay  at the helm of  Philippine  politics.  5-senators-23-congressmen-pork-barrel-scam-Philippines

What  else  is new therefore?  Who is fooling  who?  Well,  us,   the lowly  and  ordinary Filipinos  in the  Philippines.   One  US  politician once  put  it,  “the Philippines is a  rich  country  made poor by  its politicians”.   True enough.   As  long  as  the country remains with  the same names,  with  same  politicians  with  “pork-looking-faces“,  the country  and  the  Filipinos  will continue  to  suffer.    End  of my  thoughts.