“Words speak, do you listen?”

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I have just  published  an  ebook,  now  available in Amazon.com and being distributed worldwide. The title  is  “Words speak, do you listen? – The Concept of Acronymic Interpretation of Selected Words  (ACROWORDS)” (please click for a preview).  It  is about  a  new  approach on word interpretation and understanding.  I have discussed  positive and negative  words,  and have  interpreted  them in  a  manner  they could  be most  appropriate  to the  needs  of  a person  or an individual,  without  shying  away  from what the word’s  dictionary  meaning says. “Words speak, do you listen?”,  will  tell  you  almost  exactly what  the  content  is all  about.  It  is  a  very  handy  reference  material  that  could help  anyone  to have  a  clear  understanding of  the  words.

Words are  our gateway  to  better  communication  so  that  misinterpretation  should  have no  room  in understanding and utilizing the words better.   But,  I have  observed as often  that,  though unwanted,  we tend  to misunderstand  the words  thus provoking  unexpected problems  and  errors  as trouble  ensues.

My word interpretation could  be  a breakthrough  to better  understand  what  the  words  actually  mean  and “say”,  if  I may  put  it that  way.

I guess this is enough  “bird’s eye-view”  about what  my ebook is all about.    I would  appreciate your  comments  and  opinions  about  it –  but  of  course, you need  to  have  a copy  of it  by downloading  one  in Amazon  and  searching  for  the title.  All  the  best  to my  readers  and  have  a  great  Yuletide holiday,  and  a  better  2014  to come….

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