New Philippine President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte

philippines_people_icon_2562.gifNewly  elected Philippine  President Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte,  became the 16th President of the Philippines  after his  election to the country’s  highest  post.  Duterte is  a lawyer and politician  having  served as  Mayor  of  Davao City,  a highly  urbanized city in the Mindanao Island,  for  7 terms,  or  over  22 years. He also was former  Vice-Mayor and Congressman  for  the city  earlier on before becoming its  Mayor.

Duterte had  been called  “The Punisher”  by  Time  magazine,  linking  him to a vigilante group called the Davao Death  Squad,  which  human rights organizations  consider  as responsible for  extrajudicial killings of petty  criminals and drug dealers.  Davao City  was known for over a period of 20 years as the “murder capital of the Philippines” but,  during   Duterte’s,  the city  was “cleaned up”, and is  now described as  “the most peaceful city in southeast Asia”,  to the point that it  has been  ranked as the world’s 4th safest place.  But  despite the massive transformation in Davao City,  Duterte  did not  go without  criticism from various groups, particularly the press and the Philippine National Police  leadership in the Aquino government,  that contest the effectiveness of his policies.

For years,  Duterte was urged to run for the Philippine presidency  but rejected such urges.  But in 2015 having considered some “flaws  in the government system”,  he declared his candidacy  for the 2016  elections  for the office of the President of the Philippines.  The  results on  his favor  went already  clear even  during the campaign  period  that Duterte will win despite facing  the Administration’s  chosen  candidate Mar Roxas.  Duterte won  a landslide victory,  receiving 16,601, 997 votes or 39.01% of  the  votes cast,  ahead of  this  closest rival Mar Roxas by  as many  as  6.6 million  votes.  Duterte’s presidency  began  on 30 June 2016 for a six-year term of  office  in the Presidency.

President Rodrigo  Roa Duterte

Duterte’s  campaign  promise of  ridding the country of  drugs,  has  actually  led  to  his victory  and  his  “maverick style”  personality  to the point  that  he  was likened to Republican  candidate Donald Trump who is running  in the  November 2016 USA  presidential elections.

So far,  Duterte  has  been  living  up  to his “drug war” promise.  But  the road  remains  too long  to  traverse and the way is not “smooth” given  the condition the Philippines is in right  now,   but the  country  needs  an  “iron hand”,  and  Duterte  could provide that much  needed  Philippine  re-transformation   because  for years  it  has been marred  with   – graft and corruption,  smuggling,  illegal drugs  and  other  major  problems  –  so  that it is high  time  for law and order to prevail.  Restoring  the  death penalty  which  Duterte has  promised to  bring  back,  will not  be  the remedy,  but,  it shall  be  a welcome  “call card”  for  the  criminals who had  been  “burying alive”  lots  and lots of  Filipino lives  in the past  decades,  to  think twice  before  proceeding with their unscrupulous  trade.  Drugs  is  proliferating in the country,  and  to think that the business is  even being run  by  some of those in  the public service, it is high  time  that something is done  about  it  before the country falls into the abyss of self-destruction.

Well,  we can only  “wait and see”  what  is going to happen  in the Philippines in  the period when  this  “maverick President”,  does his  job and delivers  his  objectives in making the Philippines  a  wholesome place to  live  in,  with  a clean  bill of health  though  for sure not entirely  but, at least  the  people could  live with  a new found dignity  and  become  a proud nation  as it has  been wanting to  be.

Congratulations,  Mr. President!

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