philippines_people_icon_256 This  Christmas,  we  can  only but be expectant  of  positive  things  to come  along  in our  lives.  We can always   hope for  the best.  Good tidings  are  always  within our  midst.  The  moment  we  wake  up in the morning,  it  is  already  “good  news”:  that  we  woke  up (while there  would  be hundreds of thousands  who fail to see the light of the new day), that we  breathe fresh air,   that  we have  food  to eat,  that we have  clothes to put  on,  that we see trees`, plants  with their leaves being blown by  the wind,  that we can contemplate on the sky, …..and  I  could  go on  and on… all of them are  “good  tidings”,  that  sometimes  we  do not realize  as “blessings”.   Everything that  happens  to  each  one of us  has  a  meaning  in itself,   has  a message  that  we, at  times, do not  seem to understand.  And  in  most  cases  we ignore  the  significance  of  the small details  that  come  about  in  our  daily existence.

We are surrounded  by  the  blessings  of  the  nature  we  live  in…we are part  of  nature  with  its complexity  and simplicity.  We  are  nature  in ourselves,  and like nature –  we have  the  generosity  of giving  to those  who are  lacking –  with enough  intelligence  to  share  to those  who have  less.

As  in the  past  years, we  tend  to make  a  wish  for  a  bright  new  tomorrow.  That  the  Yuletide  season  be   a  signal  of  another  “birth”  of  the  Son of God,  that  it  be  another  sign  of  hope  for  a  better  tomorrow.  We cannot  remain  just  hoping  without  us  putting our  “grain  of  sand”  to  make  tomorrow  a  truly  bright  new  tomorrow.  The  turmoils  we  traverse around  appear  without  “hope”  of  being corrected  lest,  we  ourselves correct  what  we  all have contributed  to  occur.  Climate change,  political  disorders,  drugs proliferation,  criminality, etc., etc., etc., etc., are  but  a  few  of  how we  can describe  the  world is  today.   Though we might  have  answers  to  some  of them  but,  the  question  remains,  “what  is  in store for  our  world?”,   “What  tomorrow  is  there  for  humanity?”  “What are we destined for  somehow?”.   Our  life is a spectrum  of  skepticism.

Having  said  all this,  it  is  my  personal  thought – although not  completely  said for  there  are still a lot yet  to  say –  I  WISH  ALL A MERRY  CHRISTMAS  AND  A  PROSPEROUS  NEW  YEAR!!….


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