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philippines_people_icon_256I have not  written  much  about  the present  situation  in  the  Philippines,  since  I live  thousands  of kilometers  away,  in Spain  to be exact.  I rely  upon  the  news  on the Philippines  wholly from the internet and not  many  people  here  in Spain  really  pay  as  much attention  to what is going on in the Philippines.  It  is the least  of  the concerns  of  the Spanish people.  There  are  a handful DDS (Die-hard Duterte Supporters)  and  the rest  are  quiet  supporters –  I  reserve  to  stand on the neutral ground –  but,  I praise  what is  laudable  and  abhor  the  contrary.

Having said  that,  I  could almost  assure myself  that  my  “voice”  will not  make  much of  a noise  even if  I  put  it  to an outrageous volume.  Of  course this is basically  a rhetorical statement.  I wouldn’t   shout  to the  “top of  my voice”,  but  I  could  definitely  call  some  attention  by  writing my  opinion about  the Philippines  – the  now and  then…exactly  a bit  of  the past,  the present  and  even  perhaps –  what  lies  ahead for  the  country.  My write-up would be in two segments and this is the first.

I  have  been following  the  current  events  since  the day  President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was  elected and  took  office  as the new  President  of the Republic of the Philippines.  Duterte  is  a  far-flung  president  from those  others  who ruled  the  country,  except  perhaps  from the late  President Ferdinand E. Marcos.  From the looks of  it and how things  are  going  since  being sworn  in as Chief Executive  of  the  country,   the  new  president  had made  waves with  his policies  both  inland and outside  of the Philippines.

On the outset,  I could assure  my  readers  that  the Philippines needs  this kind of a President, no matter  how  many  consider  him as “foul” mouthed.  Anger  against  wrong-doings call  for  swear  words –  human nature (so to speak) – and   I  don’t  think that  being  “foul-mouthed”  has  anything to  do with the concern  he  is  showing  for  the masses and the  developments he has initiated  and completed for  the  society –  in security and safety,  infrastructure,  in foreign  policy  and  diplomacy,  in the economy,  social  developments,  to name  a  few.

A lot  would disagree  with what  I  say  but,  everyone  is  entitled  to his or her own opinion  but,  to ignore  the  truth  or  reality  of  what is going  on is worse than  being  “blind”  who, in my view are better of,  because  they are at least capable of  guiding themselves to where they  are headed.   It  is understandable to ignore the truth  because our capacity for rationalization and self-deception is stronger than our ability to discriminate the truth. Some others  see  the truth as inconvenient because  they  are more attached to their  own ideals and beliefs so that  they become incapable of  acceptance  else,   feel the pain  of “losing  face”.   Accepting  the truth takes an effort – perseverance.  It is  confronting  the  “adversary”  unprotected, “unshielded”  from the throng  of  supporters   and  believers  to the  leadership  and  capacity  and  even to the wisdom of  Duterte,  to  hold the reins  of  power and lead the Philippines to its rightful  place in the sun.  All these being  said, I call  upon the opposition  to come to their wits and senses because  after-all,  what  is at stake is not the personality  of  one man,  but  the bleak reality  of the present and  the uncertain future  of millions  of  Filipinos  and  the Philippines  itself,  to which he has shown  much concern  about.

There’s so much  to write and discuss  but,  I  wish to take a respite and continue with  this opinion-article in my  next  post.  Thank you for  taking  time out  to visit  my  blog.


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