Madrid, 6 September 2016

Wow!!,  it  took me  a good 4 years  to update  this page.  With reference to my  last write-up that had something  to do with  the  “end-of-the-world”  predictions of the Mayans and the rest of the doomsday  prophets,  let me say  that there is only one being  that (I had to use  this definite article,  adverb, conjunction, pronoun and adjective  “that” instead of what  could be the normal “who”,  since I would like to make reference to God, Almighty),   could  decide on when the world  ends.  I guess I made my point clear. 

Many  events have  transpired since  the  last  time  I  updated this  page  and  one of those  events marked  an  important  transition  in my life.   The most important  occurred  in November  2015,  when I  underwent  a  multiple heart-bypass operation.   Well I  survived  it,  so  here am I writing  once  more.  The  others were less significant though very  important  and life-changing, one of them is when I went through  a separation two years  ago. And the others were minor  events not  worth mentioning.  But  despite  the “downs”,  there  were “ups”. One good event  happened  this  year 2016, when  I represented  Spain in  the Speech Contest  held in Luxembourg  for District 59 Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Though  I didn’t  land in the finals,  but,  I was a “winner” in a way –  to myself..   Other good things  happen,  I  travelled to Geneve, Paris  and Milan with my  two  sons together with my two sisters and their families.  I was  in Athens  this month, and  had  a  spectacular  moment  when I  had  a casual  chance  to  take a photo with  Pau Gasol   while exiting  Athens  airport. 

Events happen, without a warning,  without us knowing that they’d come to be  but,  I take  matters  lightly,  and  let  myself  be inspired  by  what  Steve Jobs said, and I quote : “Sometimes  life hits you in the head with a brick,  but,  don’t lose faith”.

True enough,  my faith in living  my  life to the hilt had become my theme,  my faith in God  during  my moments  of trials…had allowed me to push  through,  my  faith in building  a  good future  is  underway…. I didn’t  lose  faith though  I  continue  to  struggle,  to fight  for  life,  why?. I  remind myself  that  “it  doesn’t  matter  how many  times  one  falls,  what  matters most  is how many  times one stood  up  after  each  fall”.  And to bring this article to a close  I would like to quote Winston Churchill,  who said,  “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.  And  I say  “Live your life the way you want to live  it”… Bye for now.


Madrid, 25 December 2012

It  is  about  time  to  update the contents  of this page and  I  guess  this is the right  moment  to do so.  After  the  “scary”  predictions of  those soothsayers  about  the  supposed  “end of the  world” the Mayans  starting the whole  thing,   the world  should  start  to focus  now  onto  something  more  current  to the  present  times.   The  world  is  literrally  “ending”  or still much  more  realistic  to say “extinguishing”  not  because  the  predictions  are  to  come true  but  rather  because,  men  themselves  are  leading  this beautiful  planet  to  its  own  destruction.   Yes,  and  sad  to  say,  we  are  destroying  ourselves,  “annihilating”  our  planet  because  people have  become  “ego-centric”  for all I  can  say.  I  am  no exception to  that  description  because  practically  every single  individual   is  mistakenly  using   the  wealth  of  this  world  and  this  world  is being “killed”  by  one  single  means – POLLUTION!..  The hole  on  the ozone  layer  continues  to  grow bigger,  global  warming  is   now  a  reality  and  weather  change is  all  attributed  to  these  two  factors.  Predictions  were meant  to warm  us  of  what  could  happen  if  we  do not  heed  them.  And  that  is precisely  what  is  going  on.  Well,  I  am  no  scientist  to provide  as  much in-depth  opinion  about  how things  are going  but,  an ordinary  individual’s  view  could  be good  enough  to   join  the  countless  of others  who  share  the  same  view  as  mine. 

Well folks,  my blog  is  dedicated  to  the  Filipinos  around  the globe.  It  contains  information  on  specific  issues  for Filipinos  and  for consumption   of others   who  might  be  interested  to learn something about  Filipinos.   It  has  been  running for  sometime  now  and  I  don’t  suppose  it  will  end  in the closest  future  unless  something  goes  wrong  with  this  author,   which is most  unlikely  now.  I remain to be healthy  and  sane  at  least,  and  by the looks of  it,  I could  still  be physically present  when  those  changes  predicted  by  Nostradamus  start manifesting  at  the  second half  of this  decade.   We  are  in for  some more  scary  periods   because  we  are  leading ourselves  to  them.  Unless  we  be more  conscious  about  what  should  be  done  to  save  our  world,  then  perhaps  the probability  of  a destruction  is  truly  on the path.  But  Nostradamus  said  there  shall be  a  period of  peace  for  50 years,  which  shall  begin  to  be  felt   in the  third  decade  of this  millenium.   We  just  have  to wait  and  see.   The  world  ending  is not  essentially  what  the word  meant it  to be,  it  more  means  a  new  beginning  for  a peaceful  era.  

A  most  wonderful  2013  ahead  of  everyone….your  author. 


Madrid,  21 July 2012  

WordPress has  come  up  with  a  great  tool  to monitor the  blog’s  readership. By  using  the  stats  page I  am  able  to view  in which  countries  my  blog has  been  read  most  because  the number  of  readers  are  well shown.   Today,  most  of my  readers  are  from the  USA,  a handful  from  Spain,  from  UAE,  the Philippines  and  Canada.  I would  request  those  who have  visited  to  recommend  this blog  to other  Filipinos  they  know  who  may  want  to learn information about  Filipinos  in  other  countries,  well,  specifically  in  Spain.  I  have yet  to discover  how to  spread  my  blog  out  to  have  a  bigger number  of  visitors, although it  is  not  a  secret  on how  a  website could  have  greater  circulation as  long  as  the  website  is well positioned  in  such  big  search  engines  like Google, Yahoo,  and the rest,   the  site  could  rake  in  thousands upon  thousands of  visitors.
My site  is  not  yet  a   “website”.  It  is  at the moment  in  the    hyper  text  transfer  protocol  application  so that  if  my page is  searched  though   the  web browsers, the  searcher  has  to  type  on the  complete  name  “filipinosaround”  else  there  is  no  way  by which  it could  be  found.   So  a  person browsing  has  got  to  know   the  exact  name  of  the  site  to  be  able  to  reach    it.    If you are  seaching  and   you enter  the  entire  name  “filipinosaround”  in  Google  it comes  out  number  one  in the list  of  about  83.100  sites  which  page  title  begins  with  “filipinos”.  

So  there you have  it  ladies and  gentlemen,  please  recommend   my site  to your  friends,  and  ask   them to recommend  it  as  well to their  friends  and so on  and so  forth. 

By  the  way,   I  am writing  a  book  about  “life”…and  I am over  halfway  to finish  it.  I plan  to  put  it  out  for  circulation as  an  ebook  and  of course  with  the  intention  to sell  it,  first  of  all to my  relatives,  then  friends  then  to whoever  would  like  to have  a  copy  of  it.  You  might  ask,  why  sell  it  to my own relative?  The answer  is  simple,  help   should  always  come  from your own… right?  The  price  is  going  to  be a  symbolic  amount,  no more  than  5€  but  I am sure  that  you will love  reading  it.  It   is  a down  to  earth account about   “life”.  Don’t  push  to  write  more  about  it!, else   I might  end  up  just  giving  each  one  a  copy  for  FREE!.. well  NO!,  else my  efforts  could  be  in vain.
Well  that’s  about  it  folks…see you next  time!..


Madrid, 18 July 2012

My  goodness!,  it  has  been  quite  a  while  since  I  last  updated  this About …page.   and  I  am  glad  to  be  back  now  to  write  at least  some  few words  of  thanks  to  those  who  visit  my  blog  despite  the  “updates”  are   delayed.  Perhaps  I  should  not  call it  update  but  rather  “outdates”.  For all intents  and  purposes,  I know  I had  been  remiss  specially in the  Quiz  to Madrid  portion,  which  I should have  really  updated.  I have  not  published  questions  for the past  three  months  and  I  really  think  I should  apologize  to those  who  are  following  it.  But  one thing  I observed  is  that,  there  appears  to  be  little  enthusiasm  on  the part  of   my  readers  to  join.  When  I  stopped  issuing the  questions,  there  were  only  two  active  participants.  One  lives  in  the Philippines  and  the  other  live  here  in  Madrid.   I  thought  therefore  to continue  the  Quiz  and  decide  later  on  who  the  winner  is.  Should  the one  from the Philippines  wins,  then  he/she  would  really  be  entitled to  a  round  trip ticket  to  Madrid.  And  should  the  one  here  from  Madrid  wins,  he/she  will really  be  prized  with  a  round  trip  ticket  to  Manila.  And  that  is  what  I  compromised  in the first  place.  This coming  month  therefore,  I  will publish  the  last 3 months delayed  questions  and  the  next questions  thereafter  and  come  December,  I  shall  publish  the  winner.   I  guess  that  is  about  it.  Please  keep on following  my  blog,  follow  it  and  enjoy  reading….all  the  best  to everyone!..


Madrid,  28 MARCH  2012   

It  is  almost  1 am when I  started  writing  this  portion  of  this  page,  because  when  I went  through my  blog  today,  I got  a  good  surprise.  Well  not  because  I  got  my   first  blogging  check  for  the ads,  because I  don`t  post  an  ad,  but  because  I  received  a  resounding number  of  visitors yesterday..  I  receive  an  average  of  25  visits  a  day,  which  I think is  not  enough  for  Google  to consider  as  “profitable” blog  page,   because  I  need  to  have  more.  But  I am completely  elated  with that  average  number,  because  I know  that  I am reaching  other   areas,  remote or  metropolitan,  and  a lot them are  leaving  comments  which  now  number   to  about  200  over.  And  surely  I have  no time  to respond  to all of them,  but  I  am trying my  best  to do so when given the time.   Going  back to the comments,  most  of them go directly to SPAM  until  I  approve  such,  otherwise  they will be left hanging  in the  SPAM  area.  Of course my intention  is to respond  to all of them no  matter how  “late”  my answers  are,  they  will surely  come.  That is all folks  and enjoy your  day…ERIC


One  of  the  things  I learned about  “how  to make your blog  interesting to the people”,  is  to  update  the  “ABOUT”  page.   It  is important  that  this  page  is  always  refurbished  so people  pay  attention to the blog.  In my previous  note,  I  mentioned  about  a  good number  of  comments  I receive  on  a  daily  basis.   All these comments  are  first  of all considered  “SPAM”,  until  I  personally   convert  a  COMMENT’ s  status  to  a  legitimate  message.  So  I really  read through  all the comments   I  get  and  I  decide  whether  to  “APPROVE”,  to “REPLY”,  or  to  “TRASH”  them.   Changing  a  comment  status  from  “SPAM”  to  “REPLY and APPROVE”,  is  not  an easy  job to do.  Remember,  I  am  alone  in this   blogging  endeavour.  I   have  no  help,  but  MYSELF and  my  computer,  so that  updating  the pages  is  a tall order, much more  when  I  have  to  write  an  article  to post.  Definitely,  I  DO NOT  “APPROVE AND REPLY”  to all that  I  receive  because  some  of the  comments  I  receive  are  written in Russian  and  the rest  are  sometimes  “VAGUELY”  written   so  that  I  am  LOST   on  the  essence  of  what  the  writer  wanted  to convey.  Although  I  should  respond  to  all of  them  but,   it  is  my prerogative  to  respond or  not.    Besides,   I am  in  no obligation  to   answer  to everything  I receive.   Majority  of  the comments are  interesting and encouraging,  and they actually  push me to proceed  with  my  blogging.  One thing  though  I  would  ask  the readers,  I would prefer receiving  your comments   in my  email  : edvd309@gmail.com.   Well thanks  for  dropping by to read  my  blog..

24  February  2012

I   have  been   receiving  quite  a number of  comments from different   countries    (I  assume,  because  I have  no  way of   finding out  where  they really  come  from)  and,  I   feel elated  with some  of  them.  Nice  and  kind  words    of  encouragement.   Very  noticeable  however,  are  the   ones I  receive  from  Russia.   How  do  I know they  come  from  Russia?,  well,  they  were  written  in  Russian  characters.   I  studied  Russian  sometime  back  in  the  Philippines,  so   I   am  able  to  read  some  of the  words,  though  not  entirely.   Anyway,  my  observation  is  that,  despite  the  much  improved    computer  technology  we  have nowadays,  knowing the  country origin  of the  comments  is almost  impossible,  unless,  we  are  endowed  with  the  in-depth  computer  technical  knowledge,  because  “deciphering”  the IP  address  of  the  sender  will  just  tell us  where  the source  is located.  But   since I  am   an  ordinary  mortal,  I  do not  possess that  “deep”  technical  skill   to  find  out  what the  source’s   IP  is.   For all intents  and purposes though,  I am surely  glad  to  receive  unsolicited comments  from  people  who have  taken time  out  reading  my  blog.   The   gesture  alone  of  “paying  a  visit”  to  my  blog,  is  in itself  an  accomplishment  for  me.   Being  in the  Internet  maintaining  a  blog  is a  challenge.  We  are  all  faced  with  challenges daily,  and  there  are   even  more  when   you  maintain  a  blog.   You’ve  got  to  think and  think  of  what  the contents  should   be,   how  those  contents  could  be  presented  and   whether  they  will  serve  the  curiosity  of  the  people  so  that  the  blog could  have  an  audience.  I  think  though,  that  a  blog  should  be  a   “responsible”  source  of  information  for  any  individual  to  use.   It  should  also  be   orderly,  up  to date  and  most  of  all  clean.    I am  still  a  “newbie”  so to speak  in  blogging,  there  are  thousands  upon  thousands  of  good  ones,   but  I   feel  lucky  to  get  comments  from  people (boy,  I am noticed! – I say to myself) wherever  they  are  from,   whatever  their  age  is   and  whatever  race  they could be of,  their  comments  are  welcome  and  are  definitely   motivating  and  encouraging.   Good enough reasons  for  me  to keep on  going  and  going  until  my  strength  is   totally exhausted –  when?,   who knows?,  only time  can  tell.        


So  far,  I’ve  posted  35  Articles in the  last  5  months.  Though  this  blog   was  conceptualized  in  June  2010,    it  wasn’t  as  active  as  it  is  now.   I  started  the  blog  with  a  different  name  “info4fil”,  which   wasn’t  really  as  “catchy”  as  its  name  right  now.   Of  course  that   name  was  self-explanatory – information  for  filipinos –  I  thought   that  it  will  take  a  while  before  anyone  could  reach  the site.    Having  changed  the  name  gave  the  blog  some  sort  of  a “personality”  unlike  with  the   “old name”,    it  is  much  easier  to  browse  and   it  is more  “catchy”  and  definitely  more  identified  to Filipinos  who  are  in  a  foreign  country.   As  I have  mentioned  in the past,  I am  coming  up  with  a   website  with  the  same  name   with  “flashier”  looks  and  “interesting”   home   page.   But  unfortunately,   my  budget  is  limited  and  I could  only  AFFORD,  well  momentarily,   to  use   the  generosity  of   WORDPRESS   to   disseminate  my  page  in  the  web.  I have  gotten my own  domain  though,  but,  it  is yet  off  the   WWW    which  is  what  the whole  world  knows  about.  For  all intents and purposes,  I  guess,    my  blog  is  trekking  its  way  “cautiously”  within  the  Internet,  at  least it is in the  net,   but  it  has  to be  within  the  WEB.   Anyway,   I  will surely  make  it  a  point  to  be in  the   WWW  in 2012.  What  month?,  who  knows…but  you will  all be  advised  accordingly.   Thanks  for  your  patience.    Eric ….. Madrid,   29 December  2011.

FilipinosAround  is  spreading out  to the  Filipino  community  around the world  in  a  “snail’s  pace”.  This is  though  expected.  Access is not easy  cause of the  fact  that  it  remains  under  a “blog”  site,  WordPress,  unless  we  convert  it to  a  website.  I  would  like  to  inform  my readers  however,   that  the  website  is underway,  well, in  www  parlance,  it  is  “under construction”.    We  are  working  under  a  “low-budget”,  scheme  I should  admit,  however,  it  could  be  attributed  to the crisis,  but  the fact  of  the matter  is  we  are  demanding insofar  as  the  appearance  of the site  is concerned.  What  is meant by  this.   Since  we  would  like  it  to appear  as  “unique”,  if  I may  say  that,  or  perhaps  “distinctive”  from the rest of the  other  social  networks  that  we know  of,  we  wanted  the  page  to  appear  as simple  but  sophisticated  as  it  could  be,  but  very  FILIPINO. The  front page  is  the  most important  page  of  the  blog,  any blog  for  that   matter.   It “makes  or  breaks”  a  site.  “Make”  because  it  is  the show  window  for the page  for  readers  to get  interest  in to continue  surfing.  “Breaks”,  because  if the front page  is  “boring”  forget  about  the  reader  continueing to  surf  in the page.  So  the front  page  is  a  vital  element  of  a  website. And  as  we  have  said  previously,  FilipinosAround  is  a  simple  blog  created  for Filipinos.  It  is meant  to give information  to Filipinos  abroad  or  those  back in the Philippines  to know  about  what’s  going  on to their  kababayan’s  abroad.  As  we continue we  shall be  adding new  pages that  will features  variety of things  about  the  Filipinos   whether  abroad  or  back at home. 

As an  alternative   channel  of  communication,   filipinosaround.com  shall  be  more  secured  and  members´  comments,   opinions and  even  photos,  shall  not  be  “seen”  by  “outsiders”   other  than  the members  themselves,  in contrast  with  those  famous  social networks  where  a  member   is exposed to the entire  world.

Kaya mga kababayan,  sabi nga  sa Pilipinas  eh, “patronize your own product”…. iniimbitahan ko kayong lahat  na makihalubili sa blog  na  ito at  iparamdam  natin sa isa`t isa ang diwa nang isang Filipino.

We  hope  that  the number  of  members  will eventually  grow,  we  are  moving towards  that  end  so  that  Filipinos  could  take  advantage  of  what  the  blog  offers.  

So to all our  readers,   your  suggestions, comments,  and  questions  are  most  welcome.  Please  feel free to leave them.  Anything that you have in mind  that  you think could  be  useful to other  Filipinos,  as long  as they are  not  offensive  nor  they will  hurt the  sensitivity of the  readers,  your  opinions  are  most  valued.   

“Reach and  be reached”,  is  the theme of this  blog.



Please  be  on the look out for the  Quiz contest that we are going to stage soon.  Just  to give you an idea,  1st prize  is  a round-trip ticket  from any  point of origin to  Madrid,Spain. 2nd prize shall be  another  ticket   from any city you live to another city in the country  you are  based in. Then we are giving away consolation prizes which we shall announced  when the most opportuned time comes.  So please watch out for all this…Thanks  to all. 

9 thoughts on “About FILIPINOSAROUND/Que es…

  1. this is a good idea , it will helps a lot to all filipinos , this website we can voice out all our suggestion to all OFW.

    Thank you Batch Eric.

    Sincerely Yours:
    Alejandro Paligutan Pilon
    Training, Tech’l. Support & Quality Department
    Al-Majdouie Hyundai Motors
    Dammam 91, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Tel. No. : 966- 38198608
    Mobile No. : 966-508042592

    1986 to 1996 Technician at Al -Futtaim Motors Toyota
    Al ain Abudhabi U.A.E.

    ERJHS Batch “72 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. High ScHool
    Mayon st. La Loma Quezon City

    Philippines College of Arts & Trade,San Marcelino
    Metro Manila Philippines
    Church : New Life Christian Church ( Full Gospel)
    Araneta Center Caloocan City
    Metro Manila ,Philippines
    Philippines address: North Poblacion, Bucay Abra


    1. Thanks a lot Alex.. Although I know that it will still take time to reach the objectives of the blog, but surely we will take things step-by-step. And I hope this medium of communication could really serve to benefit a lot of Filipinos abroad and at home, to learn more about our own “kababayan” abroad. All the best to you and to the rest of the other Filipinos in Damman. ..Eric


    1. Thanks for your comments. Doing my best to share ideas with people and I am very glad to hear beautiful words of encouragement as you did.. and would really appreciate if you read on again in the coming days…


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