Fil’s in EUROPE

15  December 2011   

Madrid,  Spain. 

On  8  December,   we organized  a group  of  Filipinos  to visit  Fatima  in Portugal.   Fatima  is  one  of  the most  important  pilgrimage  you`ll  find  in  Europe,  which is  as  equally  famous  as  that  of  Lourdes  in France.   Our  group  was composed  of  45  people.   My  friend,  Florencio  Aliganga    and  myself,   had  actually  taken  the  cudgels  of  organizing  trips  after our  friend,  Exequiel,  passed away  last  10 October.   Exequiel  was  the  Filipinos’  exponent figure  insofar  as  domestic  trips  are  concerned.  But not  only did he  took Filipinos  to various  historical places  in  Spain,  he  also  took  them  to  Fatima,  Lourdes,  Paris,  Rome  and  in other  European  cities. The  trips  Exequiel  organized  had  actually  “educated”  a  lot  of  Filipinos  about  the  historical  link  we  have  with  Spain.  Those unknown  facts  about  our  relations  with  Spain,  religious,  cultural  or  otherwise,   were  made  known  to  the  Filipinos.  Exequiel  “taught”  the  Filipinos  history thru  the  trips.   Having left  the  project,  a  good  part  of the  Filipino  community  here in  Madrid,  requested  Florencio and  myself  to  take  over  Exequiel’s  projects  and  we did  initiate  our  first  trip  to Fatima  on the  date  I’ve  already  mentioned.   Europe  has  a  lot  of  religious  value,   Fatima  and  Lourdes  I  would  say  are  the most  important.   We  shall  schedule  our  next  trip  to Lourdes,  France,  come  7  and  8  January  2012.   Meanwhile  please  take  time  out  in  viewing the  photos  I took  in  Fatima. 

Fatima Square


Some of the Filipino visitors to Fatima







 26 October 2011

Pinoys in Italy hold mass for slain priest

ROME, Italy – Filipinos in Italy attended a mass organized by the Philippine Embassy to the Holy See for the slain missionary priest, Fr. Fausto Tentorio.

They also called for justice for Tentorio who was gunned down on October 17 in Arakan, North Cotabato.
The Italian priest served in the Philippines for 30 years.
The mass started with a testimony from Fr. Tentorio’s fellow missionary, Fr. Luciano Benedti.
“He was a very simple man. He was called by this people Tatay Pops. He was very close to them and he used to help them in every occasion. At the same time, he was very strong and defended the human rights especially the tribal people, the indigenous people,” said Fr. Benedeti.
For his part, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo said he did not attend the slain priest’s burial in the Philippines so that he could be in Rome and extend his and the indigenous people’s heartfelt sympathy.
“He always had a smile on his face when he answers questions. He would like to continue conversations but in a quiet way, soft spoken. He was a man of peace talaga,” Quevedo said.

By Diego Evangelista – ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau


Pinoy hairstylist wins in L’Oreal tilt

AMSTERDAM – Filipino hairstylist Jitty dela Cruz won the Public Award at the L’Oreal Color Trophy 2011 competition in the Netherlands.

He was chosen by readers of Dutch magazine Grazia and online voters on the L’Oreal website.
Amid the cheering audience, dela Cruz thanked his friends, family and Filipinos who voted for him.
L’Oreal Color Trophy is the longest running hair dressing award in the world. Dubbed the Oscars for hairstylists, there are competitions in different countries.
The finals for the Netherlands competition was held at the famous Royal Carré Theater in Amsterdam. A runway show featured models with unique hairstyles. Finalists were also given their moment on stage to showcase their hair styling techniques.
Filipinos who attended the event were very proud of dela Cruz, who is known in the community as a very kind kababayan.
“Pinoy pride! It’s really a blessing for him. He worked so hard for it and he really deserves it,” said Grace Overbeeke, a close friend of dela Cruz.
Together with the Filipino community in the Netherlands, Vitug and Overbeeke helped dela Cruz gather as much votes as he could through social networking sites.
Although he didn’t bag the main award, Dela Cruz is thankful for the recognition of his creativity and the chance to show the talent of Filipino hairstylists.
“Competition is a very important thing because it challenges my creativity so I will be (joining) the next coiffeur award and ultimately for the hair dresser award of this year,” said Dela Cruz.
From his humble beginnings working in a garage salon in the Philippines, dela Cruz is now one of the most sought-after hair colorists in Amsterdam. He hopes that through this competition, he would be able to inspire Filipinos, especially hair stylists to dream big and strive to be the best.

Dheza Marie Aguilar – ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau


15 September 2011

Italy  imposes  2%  tax  on  Foreign Remittances

Many  Filipinos  have  aired  their  disagreement  over  the  Italian government’s  decision  to  impose  a  2%  tax  on the  remittances  sent  by  foreign workers  to their  countries  of  origin.   The  move of the Italian  government  is part  of the  austerity  measures  to  face the  debt-crisis  disturbing the  euro-zone.  Italy is Europe’s  third  largest  economy. 

Protests  came  from  a lot  of  the labour  sectors  but  the Italian  Senate  Budget  Committee  was not  baffled  by  them as  it  still approved  the  2%  tax  on the  money  sent by  foreign workers  through  banks and  money  transfer  agencies.


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