22 January  2012




(Pang Pinoy)




5 – Navacerrada+La Granja + Segovia – 25€


11-12  (Sat-Sun)- Lourdes–Celebration of 1st apparition of the Virgin of Lourdes –Trip + Hotel –  100€




18 –  Valencia (Las Fallas) Trip –  35€




5 to 8 (Thurs – Sun) –   Paris-  option Euro Disney (Limited period of Reservation: 10 days before departure,  75%  trip cost paid up).Trip + Hotel –  260€  Insurance included. Departure – eve 4 April


5-6 Lourdes (Dep.eve 4 Apr.)Tp+H- 100€


6-7 Fatima  (Dep.eve 5 Apr.)Tp+H-100€


28-29(Sat/Sun)-Feria Abr Sevilla-Tp+H- 90€




30 Apr. 1-2 (M-T-W) MONACO (by arrangement- trip cost + hotel to be announced)


6 (Sun) – BARCELONA + Montserrat –  Trip 55€



649149308 – Flor;  662944082 – Eric;    672567818 – Myrna;  672522332 – May 618925740 – Nilda






6  January 2012 

This  is  a  correction to the previously announced  trip  to Lourdes,  France.   The  trip  shall  take  place on  8 January, leaving Madrid,  Spain at  23.30  hours  of  7  January,   arriving  at  about  8.30  AM  in  Lourdes,  France.  The  group  shall  be  attending the  09.00 AM  International  Mass  to be held  at  the  Cruz  Gloriosa Chapel which  is  next  to the   Basilica  of the Immaculate Conception.  After the  mass,   pilgrims  can  go  and  do their  own  visits  to St.  Bernadette’s  Museum  which  close to the  St. Michael’s  gate,   they  could  likewise go to the Church of St. Bernadette,   to the Upper Basilica or   visit the rest of the  other  areas in the  site.  At  14.30  to  16.00  the  Baths  is  open  for  those  who  wish to  experience  the  healing  effects  of the Holy  Water.   At  more  or  less  16.30,  the  group shall  depart  to  return  to  Madrid, Spain.    Estimated time  of  arrival  in  Madrid  is  00.30  of  9 January.   We  shall  be   publishing some  photos  and/or  video  of the  trip.  


18 December 2011

We have organized  a  pilgrimage  trip to  Lourdes, France  on  7 & 8 January 2012,  staying  overnight  in  a  hotel in Lourdes,  and  returning  to Madrid  in the  evening  of  8  January 2012.   On  the  way  to Lourdes,  we  shall  pass  by  San Sebastian  to  have  lunch  and  sightseeing  of  the city.   In  Lourdes,   we  shall attend the  Torchlight Marian  Procession   and   Mass, all  on  7  January  (Saturday).  The  following Sunday,  we  shall be  visiting   the  Lourdes  sanctuary,    and  then  travel  back to Madrid  passing  by  Zaragoza,   the  city  that  houses  the Cathedral of  Virgen del  Pilar,  its  patron  saint.   We  arrive  Madrid  at  about  10.00 pm  of  Sunday.   So for  those  in Madrid  who  wishes  to join  us  please   phone  any of the following for more information:    672522332 – May;  618925740 –  Nilda;  672567818 –  Myrna;  649149308 – Flor



Fatima Image


Basilica of Fatima


Filipino pilgrims from Madrid


21 NOVEMBER  2011
I  am  organizing  a  trip to FATIMA,  PORTUGAL on 3 – 4  and  8   of  December,  to  hear  mass,  to  attend  the night  procession,  to visit  the Sanctuary  of the  Fatima  and  to  visit  the area  where  the Virgin  Mary  appeared  before  the  3  children, and  a short   tour of  Lisbon.  Should you be  interested  please view the  following  schedule  for  your  information. 


3 and 4  Dec. (Sat and Sun)

Madrid –  Lisboa – Fatima

                             Tour  in Lisbon  and Fatima                               

Night  procession in  Fatima

Travel  cost + *** Hotel = 90€

Group Discounts

NOTE:  Please register at least  4 days before trip to close hotel reservation.


8  Dec. (Thurs.) whole day

Madrid – Lisboa – Fatima

ASSEMBLY TIME:  23.30   7  Dec.

Group  discounts  /  Trip  cost:  50€


For reservation,  please call  any of  the following:

649149308      662944082      685303726




Note  to Readers: 
Kapag   nag-click  po kayo  sa  mga  “links”, na ating  inilagay,  eh,  huwag ninyong  kalimutang  “bumalik”  sa  original page  ko,  sa  “blog”  na  ito.  So please  “refresh”  the  page  and  return  to my  blog.. besides,  as  what   our President  Noynoy  Aquino  has  proclaimed that  “2011 to 2016  as PINOY HOMECOMING YEARS”… I  think  it  applies  to  all pinoys  (even when  using the Internet,  kailangang  bumalik  sa pinanggalingan)…well,  this  piece  of  “humor”  is just  to  keep your day  light…Maraming Salamat  Po….Muchas   Gracias  a todos…. Thank you all…Eric
Narito na  po ang  ating mga Events&Announcements:
I would like  to invite everyone to vote  for  the  New 7 Wonders of  Nature in which  Puerto Princesa’s  Underground  River  is  a  candidate…Please  vote  our  own..Click on the  link and cast your  vote  for Puerto Princesa: 
Thank you and you’ll  be proud  to have  participated in this  endeavour.
You  may also visit  Sentro Rizal; a library and cultural centre with information about works related to the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.   Below  link  shall  take you to  a  “walking  tour” of  places  where our national hero  Dr. Jose Rizal  visited in  Madrid.  Please click on  the link   and  take a  tour: 
  • The  Philippine  Embassy in  Madrid  has  announced  the  Call for  Nominations  for  the 2011 Migration Advocacy and Media Awards.   For  more information,  please  visit the  link  below:
  • President  Benigno  Aquino III  has signed  Proclamation 181,  declaring the years 2011  to 2016  as PINOY  HOMECOMING YEARS.
Please click on link to view copy  of   Proclamation 181
  • The Department of  Labor and Employment (DOLE)  has  officially opened  the  Search for 2011 Outstanding OFW’s  through the Bagong Bayani  Award.
Please visit  the following  link for  more information:
Updates on events  &  announcements  next time….Eric 

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