Filipino Immigration Abroad

Beginning today,  September 6, 2019, opens  this  page to help filipinos abroad – who may be in need of assistance – insofar as their  Immigration status abroad is concerned.  We shall be  giving focus  on the immigration laws in europe,  north america and asian countries.  this page will provide  valuable information on how the status of a Filipino in these continents could be regularized since we know very well that in most cases (not all),  when a filipino enters a certain country as tourist,  they are eventually  lured  into “jumping overboard”  and decide to stay in the country they  are visiting.  this is happening time and again because undeniably while at the same time understandbly,  a lot of filipinos  are desirous to work abroad for greener pasture either to help their family or if not, to uplift their own life standards.  

Salary in the Philippines is one of the lowest in the world. thus, when the chance to go abroad presents itself to a filipino, what plays in the mind of that filipino is to stay and try landing a job. it doesn’t matter what his/her status in that country  is – As a tourist with visa which will eventually  expire, but would take the risk of becoming an “illegal alien”,  as long as the possibility of surreptitiously BE ABLE  TO work  IS ON THE HORIZON, that risk would be taken no matter what.  

we could discuss a lot of issues on this page  but,  we would come to details as the ARTICLES comes along on this site. we could  assure  you  that  this page will serve as a good source of information for the “illegal” Filipinos abroad.   

We will identify  those countries – favorite countries of Filipinos to settle on –  in the succeeding write-ups  and we will  endeavour as much as possible  to provide them with as much  information  assistance available and advise them  about  immigration laws of the country in question. 

In our next publication,  we shall kickoff in Spain,  where this site is based  and write about the possible ways and means on how filipinos who came to spain as tourists and are now “undocumented”,  could legalize their status,   what steps to take to normalize  the status, what documents to have,  keep and secure,  to be used eventually as proof of their intentions,  what laws need to be learned, and should you know of Filipinos in the status we have mentioned,  please let them know about this page and to write to us and in turn  we shall try our best to provide them with all possible information to aid them be relieved of their predicaments when it comes to they social status in the country they’ve chosen to seek their “greener pasture”.  For ease of browsing, see the drop down list of countries and click on your choice country.  administrator