This  section features  Filipino  folk dances  that  have  marked a name for  the  Philippines  in the international  community.   The  colourful variety of Philippine  folk dances  has  awed  International  audience.  The charm  and  story  behind  each  of  the  dances,   is  the the  representation of  the  Philippine history  which  are  skillfully  interpreted  by  dancers,  whose  graceful movements  captivate   the  hearts  and  senses  of  people  who have  watched  them.  As  a Filipino,  I  am proud  of  our  Folk Dances,  and I am proud  to be  a  Filipino!


15 October 2011

Our next   dance  feature is called  Maglalatik.  It  a  mock war  dance, that  depicts the fight  between the Moros  and  the  Christians over the prized  latik or  coconut  meat  residue.  Maglalatik  is a four  part  performance,  the  palipasan and  the baligtaran  showing the intense combat,  and  the paseo  and the  escaramusa, the  reconciliation.

Maglalatik  (Click link to watch  Maglalatik)

Watch  out  for  our  next  featured  Philippine Folk Dance.


12 October 2011

Our  first  featured  dance  is Singkil. 

Watch  out for our next  Philippine Folk dance  feature.  Enjoy  watching.



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