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Country Name: The Republic of the Philippines/Republika ng Pilipinas (in Filipino)

Form of government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Legislature: Congress

Upper House: Senate

Lower House: House of Representatives.

Capital: Manila –  Pop: 13.9 million (2020 data)


Largest City : Quezon City – Pop: 2.9 million (2020 data)

Philippines Location: South East Asia, Western Pacific Ocean.

Philippines Land size: 300,000 sq. kms.

Philippines Population : (Philippines Population clock link, click below)

Philippine Flag and Coat of Arms:

ph_1946     128px-Coat_of_arms_of_the_Philippines.svg

Philippine National Anthem: Lupang Hinirang

Official Languages:

Filipino – Is spoken by at least 96.4%

English – English is spoken by 63.7% of the population. English is used in Commerce and Law, and is used as the medium of instructions in Education.  However, the question of how much of a  competitive advantage English is being used by Filipinos has become a concern. It has been observed that the teaching and learning process appear to be inadequate so that improvements have to be implemented for Filipinos to reach a much level in fluency and competency.

Dialects and Languages: 175

Major Dialects :

  1. Aklanon

  2. Bikol

  3. Cebuano

  4. Chavacano

  5. Hiligaynon

  6. Ibanag

  7. Ilocano

  8. Ivatan

  9. Kapampangan

  10. Kinaray-a

  11. Maguindanao

  12. Maranao

  13. Pangasinan

  14. Sambal

  15. Surigaonon

  16. Tagalog

  17. Tausug

  18. Waray

  19. Yakan

National Dance : Tinikling

National Flower : Sampaguita and Waling-waling

National Animal : Carabao (Beast of Burden)

National Symbol: Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle

Philippine National Bird Monkey-eating Eagle


National Costume: Barong Tagalog (Male); Baro’t Saya or Filipiniana (Female)

barong tagalogBaro't Saya