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17 April 2017

New tremors shake  Cotabato  and  other  hot  news today


16 April 2017

Duterte: Philippines  is  fundamentally peaceful

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte  said on Saturday  that the  Philippines  is  “fundamentally  peaceful”  despite  the  threats from  the  Abu Sayyaf  Group  (ASG)  which  is  linked  with  the feared  Islamic  State  (ISIS).

According to the  President emphasized  the progress in the government’s efforts to forge peace with communist rebels and Muslim separatists  as he tried to attract investments back home.   In his  talks  during the  Philippine-Qatar  business forum on Saturday,  he  expressed  the belief  that  “The Philippines today is fundamentally peaceful”.

“The MI the MN are talking to me now and even the Communists. We do not have any trouble with the rebellions now,” he said, referring to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Moro National Liberation Front, and the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army.

On the peace efforts with the Muslim groups, the President said both sides are trying reach a consensus on the proposed framework of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

“We are trying to figure the infrastructure of how we should proceed and by what manner should be the historical injustice corrected. That is the most important thing there,” he said.

The government’s peace initiatives to end the decades-old Communist insurgency are also ongoing, according to the President.






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