TRAVELS AND TOURS *updates as of 9 April 2017

09 April 2017  features: 



ANILAG FESTIVAL 2017 Street Dancing Champion, Lumban, Laguna


27 August 2016

If you happen to visit  Madrid,  Spain,  don’t  just  wander  around,  get  to know  what  made this city  important to our  heritage as  Filipinos.   Our  national hero Dr. Jose Rizal  spent  a great  deal of his time  studying  in  Madrid  and  traveling  around  Spain.  His sojourn was not left without  a  trace,  because  in those places he  frequented and visited in Madrid,  markers  had  been  posted  to  recognize  our  hero’s  presence  in the same  token  as  the  Spanish  community’s  gesture  of  giving recognition  to  Rizal’s   role  in  enhancing the good ties between  Spain and the Philippines.  I  don’t  have  to elaborate much  about  what  happened in the past,  we  all know  our  history  and  we  all know  ourselves  as  Filipinos.   We  reminisce  the  good  side  and  learn from the lessons of the past in  our  history.   It  is  better  to value the present  and  look forward to the future  that  would  be beneficial  for the  two countries.   Allow  yourself  to  take  a  “trip”  with  Rizal  in  this  piece  of  his  tour  and  relive the  mementos  he found  himself  while in  Madrid.  Thanks  to   those  who  made  this  information  material  a  worthy  remembrance  about  our  national  hero Dr.  Jose  Rizal’s,  moments  in  Madrid.   This  is  RIZAL’S MADRID.



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