What’s in the PHILIPPINES *updated as of 26 March 2017


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A  country  to  enjoy  and  take  pleasure  of  living!  With  7,107  islands  scattered  longitudinally,  the  eastern   part  along  the Pacific  Ocean  and  the  western  part  along  the South China  Sea,  the Philippines  is  a strategic  maritime  country  that serves  as  the  “break-water”  for  the  mainland  Asian  countries  like  Vietnam, Thailand  to the west,  Malaysia in the south-west,  then  a  bit  up north-west China.  The  Philippines  is  merely  18º  over the Equator  thus,  it  is  tropical country.   It’s  size  is  just  the same  as  Italy  at 300,000  sq kms.,  it’s  bigger than  the UK,  Greece, Portugal,  Ireland, Austria, South  Korea and North Korea,  and  other  countries  in the world.  It has  a huge  population of  over 100,000,000  people.  Small in size  but  big  in population!  The  climate is  completely  tropical with  occasional  typhoons,  earthquakes,  monsoon  rains,  and  other natural  calamities that include   volcanic eruptions.,  will  feature  more  about  the  Philippines  either in  photos or video clips,  and  see for yourself what  the country  has  to offer  you…happy  viewing!!

Philippines:  Asia’s  Rising  Star

Metropolitan Manila

Manila bay sunset

 Roxas Blvd



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