Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2015!!!

Hi  to everybody,

philippines_people_icon_2562.gifChristmas  is  here again and  it  is time  to give  gifts  and share with  our  loved  ones  the  blessings  of  the  birth of Christ.  The  spirit of  Christmas  for  all the  years  that  past has  somehow  changed.  It  has  changed  with  the movement of  time, people’s  perception has changed  about  it,  it is  more commercialized, etc., and  it  seems  that  the true  spirit  of Christmas  is  slowing  dissipating because a lot of people  have become  more projected to what  is  material  than what  is  spiritual. Of  course,  Christmas is not  celebrated  all around  the world  because  of  religious  beliefs and  inclinations,  but  in some points  in non-christian  countries,  Christmas is celebrated because  of  its  commercial value – no more, no less -.   I came  from a  christian  country  where  people heavily  believe  in the spirit of Christmas,  at least,  during  my  time  as  a youngster.  Now,  things  are  different in my country.   Values have  changed,  beliefs have  likewise  changed,  people’s  attitudes  and  way of life  and  standards.  Gone  are those  days when  children  go to visit  their  godparents  to greet  them  Merry Christmas without much  of  expectation  insofar  as what  gift  is received.  Now, Christmas  gifts are  more complex  as  life  itself  is.  Just  as  I would  like  to  reminisce  the past,  I  am  hindered to do so because of the  emotional  content on how  things  are  at this point in our  time.  And if  I do so reminisce the past, it might  leave  me  writing  more  pages  than  usual because I would  only  be expressing my thoughts.  Emotions  are high  in this  time  of the year,  people’s adrenaline is fired up,  and  adding  up emotional  backdrop  to those who are  suffering and struggling  would not  be  a  good choice  of  discussion  to ponder on.  What  is  important  now  is not  to lose  hope. Each  time  we  wake up in the morning  means  a  new  hope  remains  in store  for  us.  We  should  keep our  hopes high that this world  is able  to find  peace,  tranquility  and  that  those who are  suffering – especially the poor – find  their  place in the sun. I  would like to conclude  this piece  of thought  and



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