BREAKING NEWS!!!- China, Philippines argue over defense chief’s island visit


23 April 2017


22 April 2017

China will also look into reports that Filipino fishermen have been driven away allegedly by the Chinese Coast Guard from Union Bank in the South China Sea, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Friday.

“I honestly do not know anything about what you said. You yourself mentioned that the vessels are unidentified, and all sides are in the process of verifying the situation. China also needs to check on that,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said during a press conference.

South China Sea (Xinhua / MANILA BULLETIN)

Disputed area on South China Sea (Credits: Xinhua/Manila Bulletin file photo)

The Philippines’ foreign affairs and national defense departments are still confirming media reports on the harassment of the Filipino fishermen.

Lu said China will continue to work with the Philippine side to “properly” resolve the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea maritime and territorial dispute under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Our position on the South China Sea issue is consistent and clear. We would go on working with the Philippine side to properly deal with relevant maritime issues and create favorable conditions for the sound and steady development of bilateral relations,” he said.

He reiterated that the bilateral relations between the Philippines and China have turned around and started to improve quickly “with all-around cooperation moving forward steadily”.

Five months after his election, President Duterte visited China in October last year at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

President Duterte is scheduled to return to Beijing next month to participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

“Overall, both sides are able to build upon the consensus of the two leaders and manage maritime issues through negotiations and coordination,” Lu said.


Filipinos’ Lack of “Political Maturity”

If  we define  “political  maturity”,  it  will take  us  ages until we are finally able  to  reach  the  extent  of  its  true meaning,  nature  and  behavior.  That  being  said,   this discussion shall remain  limited  according to what  I  observe  from  my  countrymen  – the Filipinos –  who  had  been under various colonial  “masters”,   having been subjected  for years  of  struggle  from  outside  forces and even  inside  forces,  and have gone  through  political  turmoils whether on the national level or in the  smallest  units  of  the society,  and  have  suffered so much  from  the powers  that  be who are in control  of the  country….., etc., as  they  remain to appear  to be at  a  “loss” on how to deal with the  changes,  with the development  of  the times,  with  their  own “political maturity”.   Nowadays,  it  is  very  difficult  to  determine  who  should display  “political maturity” –  the  politicians or  the people  who  will  have  to vote  the politicians  into  power.  But  let  us  try  to apply  the sense  of the  phrase  to  both  sides – the politicians and the people -.  This write-up is  just  a  “speck”  of  what  this author  could  think  of  to explain  its  meaning  and  attempt to  dissect  the complexity  of  the phrase  itself  within the bounds  of  the  Filipinos’ idiosyncrasies.

Let  us  begin  with  the  definition  of  “political maturity”.  If you will search the Internet, you will find over  a million  definition,  discussions,  opinions,  commentaries,  etc.,  about  the  term.  Millions  that  could  perhaps  answer  ones’  curiosity  but,  at  the same time, could likewise  distort  the mentality,  or even  totally change  what  one  has  already set  in mind insofar as  the person’s  interpretation is concerned.   But  let  us  provide  the  general  concept  of  what  this  writer thinks  of  what  “political  maturity”  is  all about,  in  its  simplest  interpretation – in  the  way  this  author  sees  or  views  the phrase, with the belief  that it  could  be  the  most  applicable  in a given situation,  condition  or  people,  the  term  is pointed  to,  none other  than,  the Filipinos,  international known as  “pinoys”.   This  is  what  we came up with: for  politicians –  “political maturity”  should  and  IT SHOULD  BE!,  –  to  possess that  attitude and  behavior, of  putting  first  the interest  of their constituents  to  meet  development,  success  and  greater well-being,  rather  than  attending  to their  own  personal  and  political  interest.  While  for  the  people –  “political maturity”  happens  when  the  choice of  their  candidate  to lead  them  to  experience  better life,  is focused  more upon the  candidate’s  behavior,  character and moral  values  to extend that necessary  support,  someone that could  provide answers  to their  expectations  to experience better  opportunities  and foment well-being,  and  and the people to  become  aware  that  their  “life support”  could  or  will almost  depend  from  whomsoever they  have  chosen to lead  and that  they  accept  they’re  actually  and  in reality  “powerless” and subjected  to the wills  and caprices of politicians whether they  are  for  or  against, and  to whom  trust  is  deposited  upon  to lift their  lives  to a much better level.

Our  choice of  leaders,  whether  local or  national,  in my  opinion,  had  always  been traditional.  Political  leaders  are/were  sons  or  daughters, cousins, famous actors, those “can afford”  the expense of running  for a public office,  and not to mention –  coup leaders,  to whom  “trust”  has been  drawn  after  staging  a  “war against  the state” – while  we do not  truly  know  whether  they are  actually  “fighting”  for  the  rights  of  the  people or they were just  building up their  own  glory  by using  the  coup as  means  to  leap  themselves  to  become  political  leaders.  And  it seems  that we are already  witnessing  those  who have  used  this “coup method” rise to fame  but  lacking  the real qualities  of  leadership  or social  values  with the way they  handle  their  role in nation  building.  Well,  no need  to mention  who  those  people  are because  we are all witnesses to what is  going  on.  It’s  hard  to  find  good leaders  with  such  reputable and  commendable qualities much  to  a lesser extent,   a politician.

As  a matter of  personal  view,  Filipinos  should  be more watchful  and vigilant  on their  choice  of leaders.  We  cannot  base  our election by means  of  what  our  emotions dictate  upon us or  we cannot  be persuaded by  others’  opinion upon a  candidate.  We  cannot  just be  carried  away  by  “sweet talks”  from actors turned politicians,  by  any  candidates’ promises  “to build schools,  to create jobs, etc.”,   or because  the father was a  good  political  leader (there is no such  thing  as “like father like son” – it’s  a myth!),  or by any  individual  wanting  to  jump  into the bandwagon of  power,  etc.,  because  words  are  superficial  sounds  that  do not have  any  value  at  all  when made not to  become what  they  meant  to be.  Of  course  there  are  excellent  and competent politicians,  I am not saying there are not,  not  all  are that  unacceptable  but  our political  maturity  should  be  based upon  the  wisdom we possess in each one  of us –  individuals  or  politicians  as well -,  to  focus more  our  own  virtues  and  sound  judgement  to  choose  the people  who  could  help  us  in  accomplishing and reaching  the world  of  our  dreams  and  in turn  for  us  to  support  good  deeds and sound  measures  as long  as they  bring  about  happiness,  contentment  and  well-being  to  all.

Trust  is  a key  element,  respect  is a binding  force.  As  past  USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower said and herein quoted: “This  world of ours  must  avoid becoming  a  community  of dreadful fear and hate,  and  be,  instead,  a  proud confederation of  mutual  trust  and  respect”.  This  folks  are  my  views… let me hear from you..

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